Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lovely Dirty Things

how do I make my vagina smell better? so that when my boyf licks me, there's no smell?

A vagina will always smell. When you clean your vag, don't use soap. it throws off the pH balance and can cause smells to be worse. 

It cleans itself. 


Hi everyone!  Sorry for the lack of updates.  We have been busy.  But, I wanted to say… Happy...

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the lack of updates.  We have been busy.  But, I wanted to say…

Happy Birthday to my lovely co-moderator, Madeline!



When i masturabate by rubbing my clit i can orgasm but when i poke myself i cant orgasm, it still feels good i just cant reach climax. I'm a virgin and i want to know if that means that when i have sex it won't feel good unless im penetrating my clit? please reply

A large majority of women can't reach orgasm by penetration alone, so you're not alone. It doesn't mean you won't enjoy it, it just means that you'll need to stimulate the clit in order to have an orgasm. 

My boyfriend and I planned to have sex a week ago. Its both of our first times, so obviously it was kinda stressful at first. When he tried to put it in though, it wouldn't go in and it was excruciatingly painful, so of course I made him stop. The tip went in, but once it got to the shaft it just stopped. Also, he went down on me before and i was definitely wet enough, so I'm sure that wasn't the problem and I don't think I was nervous right before either. What can we do to make this easier?

Have him (or you to yourself) finger you. The vagina is a muscle, and just like any other, it needs warming up and stretching out before use. It's one of the reasons foreplay is stressed SO MUCH. 

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To the anon about their partner asking for head in the middle of things: In my experience, it's a sly way guys have lasted longer. Mixing things up like that breaks the rhythm and prolongs the fun for everybody


If a guy asks you in the middle of sex while you're on top of him to give him head is that like a sign that he's not enjoying it?

No that's not a sign he isn't enjoying, some people just like to change things up a bit and like many positions.  




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Hi there! Is it bad for a guy to penetrate your cervix?

It cause bruising and be very painful.  


My husband and I are having trouble finding a reason to have sex. We are in our mid-upper twenties yet we don't have the same sexual energy we used to have. What can we do to find our spark again?

It might help to be more open with each other and stir things up in your everyday lives.  Sometimes sexual ruts can be traced to how you live your daily life too.  Like, if you have a lot of routine when you are together.  Talking about your sex life and what you want might kick start things again.

x-art young and restless! I found it and Im sharing it with the tumblrverse! but I cant find the vid for free.... :_/ **flies away**


Is it possible to be attractive to the point that girls are intimidated by you? I know I'm intimidated by really pretty girls. I just figured it was because I was a weirdy. It is the only explanation I can think of that's somewhat positive for why girls don't talk to me. Even if I muster the courage to talk to a girl, they act all awkward when usually they aren't.

It is a possibility.  If we like someone, it can sometimes make encounters awkward.

do you know the name of the girl in that last photo set you just posted with James Dean?

No I don't, I am not very good with porn stars.

If anyone else knows, mind sending a message for this anon?

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